Quantum Holographic Healing

Is Quantum Holographic Healing Authentic Science?

What about the projection of Holographics? Is it illusion because it has no physical form or is it real because we can see the shape in the form of light?

A host of observed, but very basic human phenomena, including consciousness itself, have eluded rigorous scientific description by all disciplines of science. This is true, not because of insufficient evidence for a particular phenomenon’s existence, but rather for lack of a theoretical construct which could fit within the prevailing paradigms of science. For millennia philosophers have pondered the nature of mind, consciousness and mind/matter interactions but without sufficient knowledge of Quantum Holography and technical capability to propose properly testable theories. For the past century eminent men and women of science have accumulated thousands of pages of data on mind/mind and mind/matter interactions. Many of the most telling experiments have been criticized, perfected and repeated numerous times during the past five decades, using increasingly sophisticated technologies. Meta analysis of these experiments produce accumulated probabilities against chance occurrences exceeding trillions to one (Radin, 1997). It has required, however, that quantum science mature for seventy-five years and during that period, test, validate and synthesize a number of seemingly outrageous physical concepts arising from quantum theory, before testable theories could arise which offer hope that anomalous mind and consciousness data can be explained (Mitchell and Williams,1996).

What was once regarded as “out-there” stuff residing in the real of the lunatic fringe is now being verified by traditional science. Various Products from Oxogenics can be seen at OXO Worldwide but the missing concepts that prevented the earliest investigators of consciousness from succeeding in their quest were 1) a generalized theory of information, and 2) quantum science itself, with the associated phenomena of nonlocality, the zero point energy field and the quantum hologram. These associated phenomena are still not well understood but are sufficiently validated today by both theory and experiment to provide a basis for postulating a necessary condition for the existence of consciousness phenomena, as experienced in the observable four dimensional space/time universe. A third concept, chaos theory, is also necessary to understand the nonlinear evolutionary processes that caused consciousness to evolve toward the anthropic consciousness experienced by humans. In particular, chaos theory maps far from equilibrium systems and demonstrates the irreversibility of nonlinear processes and thus the irreversibility of time in the macro-scale universe.

Another class of phenomena, including normal sensory perception and evolution, to cite but two, have explanatory theories in classical science, but which in view of current developments in late quantum physics and in chaos theory may be incomplete approximations to the correct theory.

Is reality Limited to Sensory Perception? Of course not. Is the Universe limited to what we can perceive with our human senses? Of course not. There is much more to learn.


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